Fenix Mini Plus (+) Vaporizer

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The Fenix ​​Mini+ is an improved version of the Fenix ​​and has a wide temperature range, precise temperature control and haptic feedback.

Even at low temperatures it is powerful and the vapor that the Fenix ​​Mini+ produces is soft and rich in taste.

The battery charges quickly via USB-C and a full charge is good for a 35-minute session.

Wide temperature range & one degree control

The temperature range is from 120°C to 221°C (248°F to 430°F), while the earlier version supported a narrower range of 160°C to 221°C (320°F to 430°F). With the precise temperature control you can set the temperature to an accuracy of one degree.

The device has a built-in display that informs you about temperature and battery life, and the haptic feedback alerts you when the vape is ready to use.

Hybrid Heating System

The vaporizer heats up quickly and is ready for use within 25 seconds. The evaporator hybrid heating combines convection and conduction heating, and the air path has been redesigned to improve airflow.

The device has a stainless steel chamber for up to 0.15 g of dry herb, which is ideal for microdosing. You can also switch between dry herbs and concentrates thanks to the included quartz concentrate chamber.

Faster charging via USB-C

The Fenix ​​Mini+ has a 1600mAh battery, which lasts 35 minutes on a single charge. You can check the battery level without turning on the vaporizer – press the on/off button and the screen will show the battery status.

It features a USB-C port for faster and more convenient charging. The kit comes with useful accessories including a herbal tool, tweezers, concentrate chamber and cleaning tools

In the package

1x Fenix ​​Mini+ Vaporizer
1x USB-C charging cable
1x Quartz concentrate insert
1x Tweezers
1x Cleaning brush
1x Herbal tools
1x User manual

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