Xvape Aria ''Golden Dragon'' Vaporizer (Special Edition)

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We proudly present this ''Golden Dragon'' special edition Aria vaporizer by the famous Xvape brand. This handheld vaporizer is the best in the market for it’s price, offering an exceptional user experience and unbeatable flavour delivery.

One of the standout features of the X-Vape Aria is its dual-use capability. Whether your customers prefer dry herbs or concentrates, this vaporizer can handle it all. With an ingenious full ceramic conduction oven chamber and an oval design for better heat contact, the Aria ensures a consistent and powerful flow every time.

Speed is of the essence for many vapers, and the X-Vape Aria delivers. With a 20-second heat-up time, your customers won’t have to wait long to enjoy their favorite dry herbs or concentrates. And the whole ceramic mouthpiece with industrial-strength NIB magnets ensures easy cleaning and maintenance.

One of the key highlights of the X-Vape Aria is its 100% isolated airflow. This means that your customers will experience some of the best tasting flavor available in a portable unit. The full digital control by degree OLED screen allows for precise temperature adjustments, ranging from 212°F to 464°F.

Not only does the X-Vape Aria offer exceptional performance, but it also boasts an exquisite elegant skin pattern. This adds a touch of class and sophistication to the vaporizer, making it a desirable choice for vaping enthusiasts.

With a built-in 2600 (18650) MAH chargeable micro USB passthrough battery and a 12-month warranty, this vaporizer is built to last. Plus, the discreet scraping tool and haptic feedback technology make it a convenient and user-friendly option.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add the X-Vape Aria Golden Dragon Dry Herbs Vaporizer to your collection. With its exceptional features and unbeatable flavour delivery, it’s the answer to all your dry herb vaping needs.

What’s in the Box:

  • x1 – XVAPE Aria Vaporizer – Golden Dragon
  • x2 – Mouthpiece Tip Covers
  • x1- USB Charging Cable
  • x1- Wax Cup
  • x4- Mesh Screens
  • x1 – Brush
  • x3 – Alcohol Cotton Pads
  • x3 – Cotton Swabs
  • x1 – User Manual